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Deb Verhoeven is Professor and Chair of Media and Communication at Deakin University. Amongst her many accolades she was named Australia's Most innovative Academic in 2013.

The workshop will run for 90 minutes and include an explanation of the Humanities Network Infrastructure (HuNI) Virtual Laboratory, as well as give people time to build and work on a collection of interest.

HuNI is a large interconnected database of cultural information and used it to create detailed networks of relationships between the people, places and objects it describes. HuNI takes records from many different research, museum and archive collections, locates them in one place and lets researchers propose the connections between these records in their own words.

This new version of HuNI introduces graph capabilities. It’s now possible for anyone searching across all the datasets to find, and see, and add to the links between records. So you can discover how many records in HuNI are connected to a particular person for example (and their Bacon Distance). And you can also ask HuNI to show you the shortest path between two records. And you can see who made the links and why. And what type of links they are (user-generated or system generated).

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop if possible and some thoughts about a research project they might want to work on within HuNI.

For a short guide on the “why, what and how” of HuNI 2.0 see: Even Sweeter: What happens when the humanities gets graphic

(If you are unable to bring a laptop please note that P213 has a number of PCs that can be used).

Monday 30 October 2017, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Footscray Park Library Training Room, Building P, P213, Footscray Park

Professor Deb Verhoeven


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