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This workshop is focused on how to use current critical theories to think through your research and methodology.

Audience: For students who have completed the confirmation of candidature milestone.Students may participate from any faculty, focus is on qualitative research, students doing mixed methods are welcome to attend. Students to be given a prior reading to discuss in class.

Format: One hour lecture, one hour close reading of core text, one hour small group discussions applying these ideas to your own research.

At the end of this 3 hour workshop, students will:
• Have an understanding of the research process as a whole project
• Begin to learn how to contextualise a research within theoretical paradigms
• Learn the value of the literature review and understanding theories
• Begin to learn how to work with data, methodologies and theory
• Understand the implications of how theories inform methodologies
• Appreciate how to work with theories and data to construct a tighter argument.

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their own research, and given suggestions as to where to go next.

The programs will be led by Dr Be Pannell whose academic research centres on improving doctoral scholarship via innovative research practices, pedagogies, and models of supervision. She is currently working on a book on thinking with critical theories in research design and implementation.

Thursday 16 November 2017, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Building P, P134, Footscray Park

Dr Be Pannell


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For more information about this session please email Researcher.Development@vu.edu.au

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