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This workshop is for researchers who want to plan and brainstorm a research grant application or other proposal. You will need to come with an idea for your research project as a large part of the session will be you working through the proposal development tool. We will discuss common sections of an application. We will then brainstorm answers to the key questions you should be considering for any research proposal:

a. What is the significance of the research?
b. What are the potential outputs vs. the outcomes?
c. Does it make sense to have external partners for this research?
d. Is it innovative? (And does it matter if it isn't?)
e. How do the aims align with the methodology and the outcomes etc.? 
f. Who is the best team for this research?
g. Does the track record of the lead CI and the team support the feasibility of the project?
h. What will the project cost?
i. How are you going to communicate your results?

Friday 27 October 2017, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Building A, A330, Footscray Park

Dr Narelle Tunstall


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For more information about this session please email Researcher.Development@vu.edu.au

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Research funding, IP, contracts & commercialisation

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