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This two day course is designed for participants who want to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the practice of qualitative research. The course will be of interest to participants who have a basic grounding in research methods, but seek more detailed information about the analysis and credibility of qualitative researcjh. The two days will run consecutively and it is recommended that participants attend both days as the content builds across the two days. A particular emphasis is the underpinning epistemological stances that influence the conduct of qualitative research and their implications for research practice.

The sessions will be interactive and participants are encouraged to share their own research issues – including the challenges and opportunities offered by qualitative research.

Day 1: Identification of research, values, stance, and voice. Designing qualitative research – Interviews (including focus group interviews), document analysis and observational techniques.

Day 2: Data Management and Analysis: Data analysis options by purpose and data type, validity/trustworthiness of qualitative research.

Participants MUST register and attend both days.

Wednesday 1 August 2018, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Building P, P134, Footscray Park

Dr Delwyn Goodrick


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Research methodology & analysis

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