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Following the success of the “Managing the Gap” webinar, we are pleased to offer another webinar in 2019 with Dr Shari Walsh from The Resilient Researcher.

Many Higher Degree Research candidates struggle with critical or self-doubting thoughts, such as the imposter syndrome, or they may focus on negatives rather than positives particularly when following feedback or setbacks in their research program. These thought patterns undermine resilience and delay research progression by

  • heightening stress and anxiety throughout the research degree

  • creating uncertainty and doubt, particularly in the pre-confirmation and pre-submission periods

  • eroding confidence in skills and abilities and reducing motivation to complete the tasks of the research program and to write effectively and

  • impacting on relationships with supervisors, peers, potential employers and collaborators.

This webinar aims to enable attendees to build a resilient thinking style by developing skills and strategies to think positively throughout the research degree. By understanding strengths and practicing resilient thinking, HDR’s can overcome challenges they may face during their research degree, such as disappointment following a journal article rejection, in order to enhance their overall research experience and promote timely completion.

The webinar comprises key points to assist attendees develop resilient thinking skills in each of the following areas -

  • Identifying cognitive processes and unhelpful thought patterns e.g., imposter syndrome, which may impede research progression

  • Understanding skills such as, evidence and perspective taking, externalisation and defusion strategies to

    • manage disappointments and self-doubt following research setbacks

    • enhance supervisory relationships by addressing issues such as personalisation following feedback

    • promote objective evidence-based thinking to overcome self-critical thoughts

  • Recognising strengths and values to enhance self-confidence in abilities and focus to complete the research program

  • Creating a framework for thinking positively, confidently and resiliently throughout the research degree and beyo

Please click here to register to the workshop. If you have any issues, please contact research.development@vu.edu.au

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Tuesday 19 February 2019, 1:00pm - 2:00pm


Dr Shari Walsh


Please click here to register to the workshop. If you have any issues, please contact researcher.development@vu.edu.au

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All researchers, Early career researchers, Graduate researchers, Research fundamentals

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