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The relationship between supervisor and student is a key driver of successful PhD completions. All too often miscommunication and misunderstanding between students and supervisors occurs, which can lead to project delays, errors, incorrect responses to feedback, and tension in the relationship.

This Level 2 and 3 Supervisor workshop will equip supervisors with communication knowledge and practical strategies to enhance their effectiveness when communicating with students, enabling them to ‘get the most out of your students’.

It will explore the challenges and pressures of both roles, the optimal use of emotion to increase student effectiveness, and strategies for approaching ‘difficult conversations’ in a way that is constructive for both supervisor and student.

Presenter Julie Warnock is a psychologist and management consultant who has extensive experience working with higher education providers and research institutions to optimise communication, leadership skills and conflict resolution. Her interactive approach combines whole group discussion and practical application of skills, with honesty, energy and humour.

Wednesday 25 October 2017, 9:30am - 12:30pm

Building A, A330, Footscray Park

Julie Warnock


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